i dreamed about this abandoned train yard in the andes as i nodded off on the n train (again)

coney island sliced & stitched \(^3^)/

aaaaah! i love this rendition. the performances i have sound more brittle. my favorite piece of music probably until i die. tbh i don’t listen to much music, but i will sometimes loop this on repeat for a day.

scanned + blogged => here

a student gave me this marble, presented as some rare jewel from a dragon’s den. (^v^) i have a box of random stuff from these kids. i’ll make a story during my lunch breaks for each one.

a concrete plant in the bronx turned into a sort of park… it’s like everything i love (the color pink?! grass?! the el train?! urban decay?!)… but i’ve been dehydrated all day so everything’s turning into diatoms…

nalini malani’s drawings and an installation are on view at ny’s asia society

thanks, mr.L, for the article

dear universe, all the rough patches these days can be smoothed over by the amusement i get from work. sure, it’s tiring and life-force draining, but these kids are majorly cute — seriously, an eight year-old obsessed with the lymphatic system? thanks. love, miss susie

henry darger @the american folk art museum & page of jeff vandermeer’s “annihilation”

i’ve secretly been reading much about grief/grieving process the past year, but nothing’s felt true until this book. just buttloads of stupid aphorisms and self-aggrandization through self-pity. fact: the loss of a person is the death of a universe. a reclusive artist, a lost husband, whomever. thumbing through leaves of a battered journal in search of the “core world” of a person like roaming a forest searching for tracks buried six feet under the leaves of seasons past. after the loss: the expedition.

giant phoenix assemblage sculptures at the cathedral of saint john the divine

i just love rose windows that cast kaleidoscopic patterns when light passes through them. and although i am not religious — i have 0 interest in spiritual matters — i love religious narrative and art. my favorite church is the union church of pocantico hills with stained glass windows designed by marc chagall. i’ll visit again soon!

the boyce thompson institute for plant research

abandoned greenhouses

origami exhibition vs butterfly conservatory

scans of these are on my blog

scans of these are on my blog

as enkidu dreamed of those first days —

listening to the stoker soundtrack and fiddling with my paper dolls. this character is shy and romantic, and like all the rest, a little melancholic.